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South African cartoonist Zapiro

Hat tip to TY.
South African satirical cartoonist Jonathan Shapiro (aka “Zapiro”) http://www.zapiro.com
says on this recent CNN interview that “It’s been harder being a Jewish South African who sees himself as contesting the mainstream Jewish view on Israel and on political Zionism, than it ever was being a white South African being involved in the struggle [against Apartheid]. That’s how hard it is. It’s actually harder.” (The relevant part starts at 5 minutes out of the 7 minute interview.)

For more on Zapiro controversy:


Blind loyalty to Israel

March 18, 2008 Edition 1

The highly personalised nature of the attacks on Zapiro by Mike Berger and David Jacobson (March 14)[Muzzlewatch note: March 14 not not available online] reflects their profound political and ideological partisanship. Such blind loyalty to Israel does not, in fact, help the cause of Israelis or Jews. Instead, it reproduces intolerance and blind spots.

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