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The chill of academic censure on the sunny West coast

William Robinson is a professor of Sociology and Global Studies at UC Santa Barbara.   This attempted case of academic censure allegedly revolves around an email Robinson forwarded to his class containing an editorial (by a Jewish journalist)  “condemning Israel’s actions in Gaza as well as juxtaposed images of Nazi atrocities with congruent images of Israeli atrocities against Palestinians.”   This was an optional reading for the class and was “intended to spark conversation by relating contemporary events to conceptual ideas discussed in class. “

The Anti-Defemation League wrote Robinson, who is Jewish, a letter a week later, charging him with anti-Semitism as well as other (spurious) alleged violations.   A week after this two students in his class had filed complaints against him (according to the the UCSB Academic Senate Charges officer ) The complaints? 1) critique of Israel is evidence of anti-Semitism and 2) the Israeli-Palestinian issue should not be discussed in a class on Globalization. I kid you not.  One of the students, no surprise here, is a graduate of StandWithUs‘ Emerson Fellowship program, which trains students in campuses in “response techniques” to anti-Israel efforts on campus.  Although this group has the free speech right to say pretty much whatever it wants, its main goal, is in fact, to limit the free speech of those who do not hold the party line on all things Israel.

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