CUNY trustees dishonor academic freedom in Tony Kushner snub

Fresh off a failed attempt to fire a Brooklyn college professor for not properly toeing the line on Israel, CUNY Board of Trustees member Jeffrey S. Wiesenfeld chose a much higher-profile target: Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Tony Kushner. Wiesenfeld, who is a repeat abuser of his power as a CUNY Trustee,  succeeded in getting CUNY to [...]

NYT article and open letter: Debbie Almontaser and the Arab culture school- victims of the proxy battle over Israel and Palestine

Andrea Elliott has written a detailed description of the the shameful campaign against Debbie Almontaser and her dream to open an Arabic culture school in today’s New York Times. Click on photo for NYT video coverage of the story, including an interview with Daniel Pipes, a frequent “guest” in these pages, who too easily plays [...]

The New McCarthyism- a must-read by longtime Jewish media journalist

Longtime Jewish Week reporter Larry Cohler Esses writes in The Nation about recent orchestrated attacks on Nadia Abu El-Haj and Debbie Almontaser and others: In case after case, a network of right-wing activists has started an online furor based on a mélange of distorted or provably false charges against someone involved in Middle East studies. [...]

Campaign against Arabic school principal- “American dream” turns into “American nightmare”

I’ve been on the road, so apologies for reporting important news a bit late here. On October 16, the New York Times reported this important update on a story we covered about the campaign (which one progressive rabbi called a “high-tech lynching”) against Debbie Almontaser as the head of an Arabic culture charter school in [...]

Islamic rights group CAIR says “ADL Seeks to Hinder Legal Rights of U.S. Muslims”

It’s clear why the folks at CAIR, the country’s largest Islamic civil rights group, finally decided they’ve had enough. It’s impossible to argue with their recent press statement accusing the Anti-Defamation League (ADL of seeking to hinder the due process rights of American Muslims by using “smears and exclusionary tactics” that exploit growing Islamophobia [...]

Another NY rabbi calls campaign against Arab school principal Debbie Almontaser “the lowest of McCarthyite tactics.”

In more on the story of the Arab school principal Debbie Almontaser who was driven from her job, the Associated Press reported: U.S. Rabbi Michael Feinberg defended a planned Arab school in New York on Monday, despite charges by a state legislator that the school could teach anti-Israeli extremism. Addressing a rally in front of [...]

“High-tech lynching” What rabbi calls campaign against Muslim principal

We reported earlier on the successful campaign to drive out Muslim educator Debbie Almontaser from her position as principal of a public funded, secular, Arab culture school in NY. Despite the fact that Almontaser had three rabbis, three imams and three Christian ministers on her advisory board, a group of activists wanted to see the [...]

Will the ADL self-destruct over Armenian genocide-denial? Chapter in open rebellion, director fired.

It must be understood that the Anti-Defamation League’s refusal to recognize Armenian genocide (in fact, they have actively lobbied against Congressional recognition) is not an aberration. It is symptomatic of a dangerous mission creep that has betrayed the ADL’s important legacy. In the 1960s the ADL fought for the passage of the Civil Rights and [...]

Victory for campaign to shut down Arabic culture school: principal quits over t-shirt brouhaha

Anti-Islamist groups and blogs, and the New York Post, the tabloid best known for its Page Six gossip column, fueled a firestorm this week against a longtime public school teacher who started an Arabic culture public school in NY. The stormy episode in the life of the Khalil Gibran International Academy ended today when the [...]