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Notorious Masada2000 site taken down, time to call the FBI?

Richard Silverstein at Tikun Olam may need protection. He complained to the hosts of the notorious, pornographic hate website Masada2000 which maintains a list of some 7,000 Jewish “traitors” ranging from Gloria Steinem to any Jew who has ever signed a petition for peace, ever. The host service apparently took one look at this monstrosity and took it down. (I should add that the people who got him interested in the site by sending him his vicious “bio” via email, also sent me mine on the same day. They were angry about something we had both posted on the blogs and it was meant to intimidate us.)
And before people get up in arms about muzzling free speech, what part of “boot licking kike” don’t you understand? And that’s mild for the attacks on this site, which sometimes include email addresses and photos to encourage direct “contacting” of folks. It is a vile, homophobic, anti-Semitic and misogynist hit-list.

There has been conjecture that at least some of the more well-known extreme right protectors-of-Israel add entries to the database of shame. SF Weekly wrote this about Ehud Appel who is one of the people who runs the Lee Kaplan Watch website:

Appel, who will be a senior next year, is a Jewish member of Students for Justice in Palestine, majoring in Middle Eastern studies. He says he’s not worried about the consequences of taking Kaplan on, but professes to be creeped out by his zealotry. “There’s something odd about what is fueling him,” he says. A few days after Appel posted his first critical piece about Kaplan (and informed him of it via e-mail), Appel checked a Web site dedicated to Kahanism, an aggressive Jewish movement that has been banned in Israel. The American site includes an extensive list of Jewish people it calls “Self-Hating and/or Israel-Threatening” — a SHIT list. Appel found a recent, lengthy write-up on himself, which included his photo and e-mail address and called him a “boot-licking kike,” among other slurs.

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More from The Rebuilding Alliance on Lee Kaplan

Donna Baranski-Walker of The Rebuilding Alliance just sent us this clarification:

Mr. Kaplan fraudulently and illegally identified himself as a member of Congresswoman Eshoo’s staff during the Contact Congress Teleconference organized by the Rebuilding Alliance.   Congresswoman Eshoo’s chief of staff, Mr. Jason Mahler, confirmed that Counsel for the U.S. House of Representatives notified him by mail that his actions were illegal.

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Lee Kaplan: Using the IRS to shut down political opponents

You have to give self-styled investigative journalist Lee Kaplan an A for tenacity. There seems to be no line he will not cross in order to “protectwhat he sees as Israel’s interests. He fabricates stories, boasts about giving names of solidarity activists to the Israeli border police and infiltrating conferences, and makes a career out of demonizing and hounding groups that question Israel’s policies or in any way support Palestinians.

In fact, there’s so much to say about Lee Kaplan that he actually has his own website, Lee Kaplan Watch, run by two UC Berkeley students. Here’s just a tiny example of Kaplan-style revenge directed towards one of the students, Israeli Ehud Appel.

One of Kaplan’s favorite tactics is trying to get the IRS to investigate groups that he doesn’t like. Articles can be found all over the web, but particularly in the hawkish pro-Israel answer to the National Enquirer, Frontpage Magazine, calling for IRS investigations of myriad groups. He usually posts tax forms filed by the groups to make his case.

Recently, Jewish Voice for Peace was hit with an audit by the IRS. It seemed suspicious for several reasons: it was an audit that focused largely on our political activities, we weren’t the only ones who were audited at the time, and finally, a loose-lipped IRS agent mentioned something about claims made by “the other side.” (We passed the audit with flying colors.)

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