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Walid Shoebat, no friend to Muslims or Jews

The Jewish Community Relations Council in San Francisco gave us a heads up about this story, suggesting it would make a good Muzzlewatch entry. According to CAIR’s own press release:

The Sacramento Valley chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-SV) today called on campus police at the University of California – Davis (UC Davis) to detain a speaker who openly states that he has committed acts of terror.

The UC Muslim Student Association also joined in the call, right before Shoebat was to appear before a sold-out UC audience.

At first glance, it seemed to make sense for Muzzlewatch. Walid Shoebat, a self-proclaimed former terrorist and Palestinian, who had converted to evangelical Christianity and discovered a new love for Israel, certainly had a right to speak at a public university, even if one disagreed with him.

But there was another question about Walid Shoebat, a longtime favorite on the Israel-right-or-wrong speaking circuit. Why exactly did CAIR and the MSA want him detained?

It was true, in an age of hyper-vigilance about terrorism, when even nuns get stuck on airline watch lists, and Muslim academics have a hard time just getting into (or back into) the country, it does seem odd that a supposed former terrorist who admits killing Israelis is running around the country, popping up on Fox and CNN, with nary a care in the world about getting hauled in by some enforcement agency.

But the real issue, it seemed, which CAIR and the MSA should have kept focused on, was that Shoebat is a religious extremist bigot who doesn’t deserve a platform at a public university. In fact, the question really should be, why are groups giving this guy even a second of airtime?

Plitnick takes on Planet Dershowitz anti-Carter smears

We reported earlier on the story being peddled by the neoconservative FoundationDershowitz for the Defense of Democracies that Carter was bought and paid for by Arab donors. For anyone who knows anything about the “Nobel peace prize winning Habitat for Humanity promoting Sunday school teaching” ex-president, that theory makes absolutely perfect sense.

Of course he wrote Palestine: Peace not Apartheid for the 2.7% of Carter Center donations that come from Arab donors. That is SO like Carter to sell his soul just so he can help a few trees in Africa. (74% of the 2.7% goes towards environmental programs in Africa and elections in Palestine, the rest goes to the Carter Centerís endowment and building costs.)
Now Alan Dershowitz is just past midway through his shameful 6-part magnum opus, Ex President for Sale. Run, don’t walk over to my colleague Mitchell Plitnick’s thorough fisking of “Planet Dershowitz” on his blog, The Third Way. Mitchell’s series is a keeper.

The latest Carter smear and Anti-Arab racism

Not content to just call him an anti-Semite, a plagiarist or a liar, now the shockCarter National Review troops of the necon revolution are accusing our most favorite former president of selling himself to — who else? — the Arabs.

Did Jimmy Carter do it for the money? Thatís the question making the rounds about Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid, an anti-Israeli screed recently written by the ex-president whose Carter Center has accepted millions in Arab funding.

So begins Claudia Rosett in the outrageous The Question of Carter’s Cash in the latest National Review. Who is Claudia Rosett? And why does she shamelessly use anti-Arab racism to make her attack? (They use the photo above to make you afraid. Very afraid.)
Rosett is a paid “journalist” for the prominent Foundation for the Defense of Democracies. The group’s friends and advisors read like a who’s who of the neconservative universe, with everyone from Newt Gingrich, James Woolsey and Jeanne Kirkpatrick (now deceased) to William Kristol, Richard Perle and Gary Bauer.

According to Sourcewatch, FDD started out as Emet: An Educational Initiative, Inc., “to offer Israel the kind of PR that the Israeli government seemed unable to provide itself.” (As though one more hasbara group could really solve Israel’s image problems.) But they fell apart, and after 9/11 were reborn as the FDD, with a new identity but a similar more covert mission. Rightweb has even more in-depth information.

It’s one thing to defend Israel…