Millions of free anti-Muslim DVDs delivered over weekend to newspaper subscribers in swing states

“But we’re non-partisan!” claims the mysterious Clarion Fund, funders of the unprecedented campaign. Tikun Olam reports that the infamous propaganda film arriving in some 28 million American homes over the next few weekends, Obsession, was already being given to young Jews on free Birthright trips to Israel. The Republican Jewish Coalition has also been giving copies to rabbis and other Jews.

Jews on First has a lot more on the kooky right and the “shadowy” Clarion Fund.

Sure, if you’ve got more-money-than-G-d it’s OK to buy 28 million DVDs to send to anyone you want. It’s a free country, isn’t it? Yeah, but this slickly manipulative film, complete with sinister soundtrack, isn’t about thoughtful debate. It’s about demonizing an entire religion, and its some 1 billion adherents (and, as illustrated by attacks on Obama, their progeny), in order to reinforce an outmoded world view/foreign policy that it’s either US or THEM. Far from making Americans safer, this kind of trash only strengthens extremists, on both sides.This is also the kind of thinking that helped get the declining Empire into the mess we’re in. Brute force as a way to achieve peace in the Middle East. Yeah, Palestinians, traditionally among the most secular of Arabs, are just causing all this trouble because they HATE the West. It has nothing to do with, oh, stealing land and resource, and repression. No.

Face it: blatant, stupid, bigoted, unconscionable propagandistic Islamophobia is completely socially acceptable.

And now, it may help swing an election.

We should be ashamed.