A Few Summer Highlights

A few summer highlights and one scary chart.

  • Because of its terrible Nazi history, Germans don’t have the unfettered right to free speech we have here. Which gets really interesting when one prominent anti-Zionist German Jew files a restraining order against another prominent German Jew for calling her anti-Semitic.
  • Meanwhile, folks we at Muzzlewatch consider real anti-Semites are using the muzzling argument to defend their right to be loved by the left.
  • The Jewish Telegraphic Agency is at it again. Back in 2001, their investigation of funding for nonviolent Palestinian NGOs who attended Durban nearly led to a congressional investigation of the Ford Foundation. And it did lead to dramatic changes in funding guidelines. Well, “Durban II” is coming, and the department of “Delegitimizing Virtually All Forms of Resistance” is ready to roll.
  • While US-based Muslim and Arab charities are getting shut down for suspected links to groups like Hamas, Reuters reports that Americans can still get a juicy tax break by supporting pro-settlement groups. Really?
  • Alas a Blog has some interesting dialogue about the new UK report on anti-Semitism.
  • Richard Silverstein has a great piece on the slow-motion car crash aka ADL head Abe Foxman who comes to the defense of Sarah Palin and Jews for Jesus after condemning, um, Jews for Jesus. Of course, what happens in Obama’s church is another matter. Partisan? Not moi! Meanwhile, Jerry Haber says one of Palin’s first stops was not with the anti-abortion group she was scheduled to meet, but AIPAC.
  • Free Madonna! Hat tip to Jewschool for telling us that the Simon Wiesenthal Center has their knickers in a twist over Madonna’s new concert video backdrop which seems to compare Republican presidential nominee John McCain to Hitler. It’s a good time to revisit Glenn Greenwald’s analysis of ALL those Fox news types who regularly compare Demos to Hitler and Nazis while SWC and the ADL remain strangely silent.
  • From the Washington Post (via smart thinking by Kung Fu Jew at Jewschool) this fascinating and terrible chart (no Kadima data available. WaPo says Israeli politicos “who maintain an uncompromising stance against ceding land to the Palestinians have typically found generous support for their views in the States.” This is why it was so, uh, poignant to watch Olmert eat up the standing ovation he got at the United Jewish Communities General Assembly a few years ago, while getting single digit approval ratings at home.

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