Breaking the Silence, A New Wave of Openness


The Breaking the Silence tour is coming soon to Philadelphia and Boston.

Though the message of Israeli soldiers who have served in the territories is every bit as devastating as the descriptions of occupation coming from the mouths of non-Israelis , it’s also true that because Israel’s own sons and daughters are telling their own stories, more American Jews just might be able to listen.

There is also the added dimension of heartbreak about what being part of an occupying army does to the occupier, something we know quite a bit about here in the U.S.
These former Israeli soldiers are to be given tremendous credit for their willingness to speak out.
I remember when conscientious objectors, out of a sense of protectiveness, refused to speak to press outside of Israel.
And today, just 5 years later? The soldiers are back for a repeat tour, which is being sponsored by some major Jewish peace organizations. Harvard’s progressive Hillel group is hosting in Boston.

Just a year ago, as we reported here, the Zionist Organization of America tried to get the Union of Progressive Zionists kicked out of the Israel on Campus Coalition for sponsoring this tour. This year? So far, just quiet.philly