Saying no to anti-Muslim bigotry

Laurence Swaim strikes just the right chord in his piece  on Islamophobia and racism in the latest issue of InFocus, California’s largest Muslim paper. He says of the email smear campaign claiming Barack Obama is Muslim, and therefore an enemy of the state:

There is a subliminal message in the campaign to slime Barack Obama. It is not true that he is a Muslim — but the e-mails also imply that American Muslims are inherently subversive. Thus, interfaith activists must be careful in combating them. Some people may be so anxious to denounce the lies that they play into the e-mails’ inherent bigotry.

The interfaith response should probably go something like this: “The e-mails are false, because Obama is a professing Christian. But this smear campaign attempts to create a negative image of Islam for political reasons. We should judge politicians by their policies and character rather than their religion. And we must always reject religious bigotry, because it would destroy the American way of life.”


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