Spat between McCarthyites: Daniel Pipes vs. Israel Academia Monitor

Hat tip to my friend Mitchell Plitnick for this good one. (Bookmark his new blog at

The somehow old-fashioned (as in HUAC old-fashioned) Israel Academia Monitor, which specializes in publishing lengthy lists of names of Israeli professors who have signed peace petitions, and whose latest report is lovingly titled “Our Inner Scourge:The Catastrophe of Israel Academics”, has severed ties with US-based soulmate Daniel Pipes. Besides his notorious hatred of Muslims, he is best known for the McCarthyite (and that is not hyperbole–ask any professor) group, CampusWatch. Is the fight over ideology or tactics? Neither, it’s over money.

This email went out hours ago:

Sent: Wednesday, January 30, 2008 11:15 AM
To: undisclosed-recipients:
Subject: Important email concerning Daniel Pipes

(1) The research and work undertaken by Israel Academia Monitor involves a great deal of time and effort and therefore over the last three years we have sought donations from readers to help us in our task.
(2) Because we are a small not-for-profit group based in Israel we sought an American partner NGO in order to help American donors gain tax-deductible status on their donations.

(3) During the last couple of years the Philadelphia-based Middle East Forum, under the chairmanship of Daniel Pipes, received small donations on our behalf, taking a commission for this.

(4) However, since our first ever really sizeable donation was pledged last summer, Dr. Pipes has refused to pass this on to Israel Academia Monitor, nor has he handed over another smaller payment donated to Israel Academia Monitor in December, despite our repeated requests and pleas to do so.

(5) Instead in recent weeks Dr. Pipes has written us threatening emails with ultimatums in an attempt to seize control of Israel Academia Monitor.

(6) Israel Academia Monitor is thus terminating any connection with Dr.Pipes with immediate effect. Please ignore the previous address for donations given on our website. A new Israeli address has been placed on
the site under the “how to donate” section instead of Dr. Pipes’Philadelphia address.

Thank you for your attention.


The directors and staff of Israel Academia Monitor

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