Five reasons to donate to Muzzlewatch now.

To our many email and RSS feed subscribers and readers:

As I write this, it is barely 24 hours until New Years Eve. For those of you who deduct your taxes, that means you still have time to decide how much of your income can go to a project you believe in.

Here are 5 reasons to donate now to Muzzlewatch.

1) We’ve been running this website for just about a year now, and we’ve never ever asked you for one penny, even though running the site and researching and writing stories takes literally hundreds of hours.

2) Muzzlewatch has been successful beyond our wildest dreams. We’ve broken important stories in the mainstream press, have been covered on international radio and in numerous news outlets including the Forward, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, San Jose Mercury News, the UK Guardian, Fort Worth Star-Telegram and more. We’ve been linked to from major sites like Crooks and Liars, Buzzfeed, Alternet, Juan Cole’s Informed Consent, Talking Points Memo Cafe, Daily Kos, Huffington Post, The Washington Post’s Bookworld Live and many more. Academics, activists and journalists use us as a research resource.

Click here to donate now:

3) Muzzlewatch has won support and derision from key players across the map. We were nominated in 3 categories for best new Jewish blog, and have won kudos from people across the ideological spectrum. (Of course, I’m also, it turns out, a finalist for Self Hating Jew of 2007…And no, we didn’t pay the folks running the contest to make our point about the charges of anti-Semitism or self-hatred that await critics of Israeli human rights violations.)

4) We dealt a significant body blow to the forces of censorship when we led the global campaign to reverse the University of St Thomas’s decision to bar Desmond Tutu from speaking on campus. Only AFTER the president of the university received thousands of letters from around the world that Muzzlewatch/Jewish Voice for Peace generated; only after the issue received global media attention after we spent hours pushing the story to progressive bloggers, religion reporters, op-ed editors and the international media; only after the Jewish Telegraphic Agency printed an expose of the false quote attributed to Tutu that compared Israel to Hitler– based on our media advocacy; only after the Minneapolis Star Tribune printed an op-ed we wrote condemning the University of St Thomas’ decision and clearing Tutu of false charges; only after Abe Foxman, following international coverage of our campaign and increased criticism of the decision, took our lead and came out in favor of letting Tutu speak, did the University’s president reverse his decision.

5) We realize what an important tool Muzzlewatch has become in light of the ongoing assaults against academic and artistic freedom, media independence, Muslims and Arab Americans and progressive Jews and more… so we have big plans to turn this into a much stronger (and prettier) tool this coming year, with plans to bring on new editors and integrate activism tools. We want to repeat the successful campaign in support of Tutu, on behalf of academics fighting for tenure, institutions fighting for the right of religious expression, artists fighting to tell their story and more.

All of this means time and money. Please give generously if you believe in this work. (And thank you to those of you who have already given so generously to Jewish Voice for Peace.)

Go to this Jewish Voice for Peace page and Donate now to Muzzlewatch.

To a year of new beginnings.

Cecilie Surasky
Jewish Voice for Peace

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