Nadia Abu El-Haj gets tenure at Barnard despite smear campaign

The smear campaign to deny Palestinian American scholar Nadia Abu El-Haj tenure at Barnard has failed. The right-wing tabloid New York Sun reports today she “has been granted tenure following a heated battle, a source at the college said last night.”

Paula Stern, the Israeli American settler and Barnard grad who initiated the campaign against Abu El-Haj sent out a rambling email to various lists:

Nadia Abu El Haj, a controversial professor of Anthropology at Barnard College has been given tenure. This is a warning to Jewish students at Barnard and Columbia – you will now have one more professor to avoid, one more purveyor of hate in your ranks. Already the lowest forms of life are crawling out amid the ivy. A swastika was painted on a door of a Jewish professor at Columbia, a noose on the door of a black professor, more swastikas in other places – think you that there is no connection?

When a school opens its doors to a man such as Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and when they hire people like El Haj and Massad, they invite hate to dine, to make its home in its once-hallowed halls. Too many waited too long, and El Haj’s acceptance is the result.

Stern closes with this:

Recently, Moslem authorities ordered a trench dug on the Temple Mount…and what did they find as they carelessly dug…remnants of OUR First Holy Temple. El Haj can lie all she wants…but the earth does not lie and from its depths comes the truth she is trying to deny.

And that truth, here in this land, is our greatest victory of all.

Read what New York Jewish Week’s Larry Cohler-Esses, who actually read the book, has to say about Stern’s campaign.

Hat tip to Dr. Jim West.

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