Hillary Clinton then and now

Disciplining the US senate.

There has been a great deal of talk concerning whether right wing Israel support groups such as AIPAC have an effect on American politicians and candidates. Jimmy Carter’s book “Peace not Apartheid” and the Walt and Mearshimer report  have been recent popularizing additions to the issue. The right wing Jewish American response has been, not to put too fine a point on it, rather shrill —perhaps the best sign that something of substance is being broached.

One other example of noticing that where there is smoke there is probably a fire has to do with H Clinton. Although down the memory hole, Prez candidate H. Clinton has her own little about-face regarding Israel.

In 1998 she came out in a speech to Arab and Israeli school children calling for the establishment of a Palestinian state, heretofore, unmentionable by any self-respecting US pol. A mighty backlash was heard in the land, ……..lots of speculation on just how long she had been a dyed-in-the-wool anti-Semite.

Bill Clinton’s Administration attempted to put the kybosh on this or ignored it completely. Who knows if B. Clinton’s administration was consciously involved in the effort as a trial balloon prior to the Camp David talks or Hillary was just stating the obvious as was her wont in her pre-robo politician days. In 1999 she kissed Arafat’s wife at a reception in which Mrs. Arafat accused Israel of poisoning Palestinian women and children

But the worm or wheel, whatever always turns and in 2006 H. Clinton was one of the largest recipients of money in her run for senate, reportedly about 37,000 bucks.  Although there are still those on the extremist pro-Israel right who doubt her sincerity on supporting Israel, she has clearly calculated that there is no down side for an American politician to be as lock step supportive of everything and anything (perhaps save suing for a just peace) Israel and American Jewish groups like AIPAC demand. Given that she chose New York as her senatorial home, did she really have a choice? Her 2007 AIPAC Washington appearance was just the cherry on the sundae.

Her recent past has included justifying the land-stealing wall Israel is building, talking up the Iran nuclear threat as a threat to Israel, and condemning the fatally weak Abbas for not limiting Palestinian violence while Israel decimated the population of Gaza. She even inveighed against Palestinian textbooks and Palestinian parenting.

There is no mention now of anything that could be construed as even slightly differing from AIPAC press releases. This is a dire situation that we will revisit frequently, there is no left or right in the US national politics regarding US involvement with Israel, its all right, all the time.