AIPAC and dual loyalties: Jewschool weighs in

At Jewish Voice for Peace, we understand full well that AIPAC and others in the Israel Lobby are extremely influential when it comes to US foreign policy in the region (if they’re not, then AIPAC has conned a whole lot of folks out of their big donations, and Muzzlewatch should shut down now.)

But we think it’s an over-statement to say that the lobby is so strong that it actually gets the US to act against its perceived interests. ( To paraphrase an anonymous State Department official, “When they knock they get it, but we open the door.”) Yeah, it’s a matter of great debate.

But Mobius at Jewschool dares being called a self-hating Jew and calls out AIPAC’s role in the drumbeat for war with Iran as a classic case of putting Israel’s interests over those of the US.

Certainly, the let’s-stay-in-Iraq-forever love fest at AIPAC (despite overwhelming Jewish opposition to the war) can’t help but feed the already growing commonly held belief that we went to war with Iraq because and only because of the Jews and Israel. (The 9/11 truth movement stomachs a surprising amount of outright anti-Semitism, fed again by this belief.)

In the end, any attack on Iran (which we still think unlikely) would be driven by a complex set of factors, Israel being just one. But nuance matters not to a lynch mob.

As Mobius says, AIPAC is doing everything it can to make sure that a war on Iran can also be blamed on–the Jews!

Mobius writes:

See, here’s the thing… If you’re concerned about the prominence of phrases like –

“dual loyalty” […] and intimations of powerful “Jewish lobbies” […] exerting undue influence over foreign policy

– then perhaps you ought to stop acting in a way that affirms these impressions.

Case in point:

The JTA reports,

AIPAC lobbying helped remove a provision from a bill that would have required President Bush to seek congressional approval for war against Iran. A number of congressional sources confirmed that the American Israel Public Affairs Committee backed dropping the provision from the Iraq war spending bill introduced Tuesday by Democrats. The bill ties funding to deadlines for withdrawal from Iraq.

AIPAC and a number of Democrats close to Israel said the provision would have hampered the president as he attempted to leverage Iran into backing down from its alleged nuclear weapon plans. Others said the provision simply reasserted the constitutional role of the U.S. Congress in declaring war that is believed to have been eroded by Bush during the Iraq war.

ABC adds,

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and other leaders agreed to remove the requirement concerning Iran after conservative Democrats as well as other lawmakers worried about its possible impact on Israel, officials said Monday.

Let’s just be sure we’re clear here: AIPAC successfully lobbied to strip Congress of its ability to authorize a strike on Iran, awarding the Idiot Prince free license to embroil the US in yet another disastrous war, and did so because it allegedly serves Israel’s security interests?

And yet to accuse AIPAC of “dual loyalty” and “exerting undue influence over foreign policy” is antisemitic?

This is an overt action supposedly done in Israel’s favor that blatantly contravenes American interests. By coercing the Congress to abdicate its Constitutional authority to declare war, they just cut the legs out from under the American people, giving infinitely more leeway to an Executive branch seen by most Americans to have already far overstepped the limits of its power.

I mean, hell, if you’re going to have a hand in nullifying fundamental Constitutional provisions, at least don’t brag about it!

I can hardly imagine an act more affirming of negative critiques of Jewish power, nor one more likely to engender hostility towards American Jews.

Kol hakavod, jerks. You are endangering Jewish survival, not insuring it.

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