Interesting tidbits.

Generational change is scary. Very scary.

New Voices has a wrap-up of the recent unsuccessful attempts by the Zionist Organization of America and StandWithUs to have the Union of Progressive Zionists kicked out of the Israel on Campus Coalition for sponsoring a tour of Israeli soldiers (Breaking the Silence) critical of and traumatized by their military service in the West Bank.

Shapiro remained undaunted. “I think the outcome sends a message that even though these well-established, older, better-funded organizations were advocating our removal, the ICC chose to listen to the voice of youth. I hope this is a sign of changing times where there will be no such thing as a Jewish thought police and the voice of Jewish youth will be regarded as important.”

The Baltimore Sun printed Yakov M. Rabkin’s op-ed: Gap among Jews widens on question of Zionism.

Many Jews try to come to terms with the contradictions between the Judaism they profess to adhere to and the Zionist ideology that has taken hold of them. This coincides with serious concerns expressed across Israel’s political and religious spectrum about the future of Israel.

Quite a few Jews now publicly ask whether the chronically besieged ethnic nation-state in the Middle East is “good for the Jews.” Many continue to be concerned that militant Zionism destroys Jewish moral values and endangers Jews in Israel and elsewhere.

In case you missed it in WaPo, David Saperstein of the Religious Action Center has an important message to deliver to the Jews Rabkin is talking about in his op-ed:

To deny Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state is anti-Semitic; to be critical of Israeli policy is not.

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